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Pet Grooming

Goldsboro pet groomingGrooming is more than just a bit of pet pampering; it is an important step in keeping your pet happy and healthy by preventing disease. For example, regular baths and a nail trim help remove harmful germs from the fur and paws that are picked up as your dog plays outside and provides a great opportunity for our groomer to notice dried or cracked paw pads or skin issues.

From seeing so many happy dogs and cats walk out of our Goldsboro pet grooming area, we also know that a good bath and brush makes your pet feel great and adds to his or her wellbeing.

Our Professional Goldsboro Pet Groomer

Our groomer, Jessica Self, is one of the friendliest people you will meet and has been a certified pet groomer since 2004. She has been working within the companion animal care field since 2000. When you bring your pet in for a grooming session with Jessica, your cat or dog will receive a bath, nail trim, ear flushing and breed-appropriate hair cut or lion cut for cats.

If needed, Jessica will also do a scissor trim cut. If you bring a photo in with you, she will do her best to match the cut she gives your pet to the photo.

Since grooming is so important to your pet's health and wellbeing, why not make an appointment today?

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